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Clear Page - Official Chrome Extension

March 2018
Web Development - Javascript, HTML and Chrome APIs
Clear Page is an chrome extension which gives you the power to take control of your browser and the content. It will remove all the annoying distractions from your web page including the bright colors, the weird styling, the distracting suggestions, the uncanny images, and the pre-loaded videos. After removing all the distractions, Clear Page will deliver you a basic and readable web page. A truly pleasant Internet browsing experience.

With Clear Page, you can enjoy long reads of your favorite blogs, sports sites (ESPN), news sites (WSJ, NY Times, BBC, Guardian, CNN, Huffington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg), Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, Tumblr, Myspace, Yelp, and other websites.

Bet with Friends

June 2015
Game Development - Java, Android Development, Game Design
Bet with Friends is an online social betting android gaming application inspired by the famous Zynga game title "Words with friends". This game offers a platform for players to create their own bets for any possible event, assign odds and share the bets with friend(s). The players can add as many cases as possible. The app will calculate the betting odds based on the user input on the probability of the outcome and currently support 6 most popular odds form in the world including American and Fractional Odds.

Brand Competitive Analysis

Dec 2017
Data Analysis - R, TwitterR, GGPlot
This is a data analysis tool to analyze a particular brand against all its competitor. The tool gather the comments of the consumers across various social media platform including Twitter and Facebook for all the brands and perform a sentiment analysis on those comments to provide a competitive analysis of the brand against its competitors. The tool also provide option to build word cloud to display the most frequent words used for a particular brand.

Social Media Analysis

Dec 2017
Data Analysis - R, TwitterR, FacebookR
This is a social media tool to gather and analyze social media posts of any public profile of companies or celebrities on various social media platform including Twitter and Facebook. The intrinsic data is used for sentiment analysis, text mining, building word clouds and can also be compared with another profile.

Hub Press

June 2017
Back-End Developer | Ruby on Rails
This is a fork of another github project which will create a personal blogging platform on Ruby on Rails.